Here at PAL, our football program is an exciting time for children. From summer camp to the fall season, our kids are enthusiastic to play football.


    Focus is essential in the game of football from running the plays the coaches draw up to completing a difficult catch. Football provides kids with a positive outlet for their frustrations and anger through running and tackling. Being on a team and relying on others, PAL youth grow in their social-emotional skills and work ethic. Individuals do not win games; teams do. This lesson helps children to be accountable to their teammates and encourage not only themselves, but those around them.


    We, as coaches, are passionate about providing kids with the tools to succeed, to help them push through what they view as their limits and achieve their full potential both on and off the football field.


    No matter the scoreboard our young football players leave the field with a full heart and smiles on their faces, because at the end of the day they gained teammates and friends.


    Practice is Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, 6-8 p.m. This program is coordinated by Officer Terrell Watkins.

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    “The kids actually help us, because we get to see their environments and perspectives. It helps us understand why they respond in the way that they do.”

    Sergeant Skip Cox