Helping children grow in leadership, teamwork,

    sportsmanship and other life skills through PAL programs.

    Youth Advisory Board

    PAL Youth Advisory Board (YAB) is a youth led initiative to improve PAL for all youth. PAL Youth Advisory Board (YAB ) volunteers serve as advocates, advisors and leaders within the PAL environment. The Advisory Board meets biweekly with PAL staff to identify challenges for PAL youth, brainstorm potential programs, present new initiatives and take an active role in continuing to make PAL a positive and safe environment for all youth. The Youth Advisory board aims to reflect the cultural and developmental diversity of the youth at PAL, empowering PAL youth to become active change agents in the in the PAL program and their communities. YAB creates opportunities for youth and PAL officers to work together on projects and initiatives to improve PAL programming while developing leadership skills and opportunities for PAL YAB members. 


    The Police Athletic League provides organized sports and recreation experiences to positively engage the youth of Kansas City. Our programs help children grow in leadership, teamwork, sportsmanship and other life skills. The PAL program serves as a constructive alternative to anti-social behavior and boredom during their developmental years and into adulthood. 

    From basketball to gardening, our programs offer police officers and PAL youth a chance to connect and have a positive influence on one another. Officers serve as volunteer coaches and mentors to our community’s youth. Additionally, older PAL youth play on sport teams with police officers, competing with them, learning from them and fostering meaningful relationships. 


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    PAL youth programs help children develop a positive self-esteem, leadership skills, a sense of belonging, improve school performance, resolve conflict and fill their free time after school.

    “I enrolled my grandson in PAL to gain a positive mentor, build a good relationship with police officers and learn that there are good officers!

    We can be very proud of the KCPD for their time and knowledge to work with our kids at PAL to show them not only fun things but also build the kid’s self-esteem, love and respect each other, good sportsmanship and even help out with homework. It is a great program for girls and boys to grow into women and men. ”